Friday, July 17, 2009

Question Box Friday: Sleeping in the Same Bed?

Q: My girlfriend and I have made the decision not to have sex until we are married. Is it okay if we sleep in the same bed (without having sex), though?

A: It is natural to want to be close to someone you love, and sleeping in the same bed, even without having sex, is very intimate. Lying so close together stirs up powerful desires and emotions within the person. You may have heard that sexual desire is like a fire; once it is lit, it’s can be difficult to control without proper boundaries. Lying together in bed is like lighting a match – it can be dangerous and difficult to keep the fire from igniting. Why take the risk? If you’re committed to saving sex for marriage, then sleeping in the same bed is not the best way to guard that commitment. Intimacy (and not just sex) is a wonderful thing, and it will be the greatest joy to share that with your wife. If this girl is the one that God has chosen for you, then you will have the joy of going to sleep and waking up next to her for the rest of your life! Until then, guard your heart and your body for her alone.

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