Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Andrea's Favorites

My name is Andrea, I just started working at PCE as a chastity educator. I recently graduated from Morningside College and had three majors: Counseling Psychology, Religious Studies, and Music.

My favorites...
Book: Life and Lessons of Mother Teresa
Movie: Beauty and the Beast
Restaurant: HuHot
Website: Facebook and Catholic Answers
Saint: Catherine of Sienna
Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Book of the Bible: Colossians and everything else Paul wrote
Song: "Waiting on a Woman"
Color: Pink
Mystery of the Rosary: Luminous
Vacation: Alaska
Prayer: Memorare
Food: Pasta
Catholic Author: Scott Hahn

Monday, June 15, 2009

Two new faces have joined Pregnancy Center East this summer. Andrea and Alicia are the New Chastity Educators for the Center. Look for wonderful post from them starting in July.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Murder of George Tiller

You may have heard of the murder of George Tiller.  Who was he?  He was one of the very few abortionists in the United States that would perform late term abortions.  The pre-"aborted" child was so developed that he or she could survive outside the mother's womb.  So, you can see, that he was a very controversial person.  

I'm writing to tell you that the man who shot Mr. Tiller, Scott Roeder, has caused a great deal of scandal.  It is not our right to take another's life.  If we claim that it's our right, the core of our peace movement, the right to life, would collapse in self-contradiction.  There will be many that, because of this scandal, will paint right to lifers as mindless radicals.  I want to remind you that we are Christ-centered, peaceful people.  Think about Jesus when he was persecuted:  Did he act in violence or was he the model of peace, tranquility, faith and hope?  He bore all violence done to him for the sake of his Father.  We, too, are called to do the same when we are slandered.

Peace be with you.