Friday, March 4, 2011

Katheryn Hudson a.k.a Katy Perry

I love seeing where people came from, why people do what they do and act like they do. Everyone loves a good story right? Well here is a quick Bio about a girl named Katheryn and how she came to be known as the (in)famous Katy Perry.... buckle your seat belts cause its quite the tale.

Katheryn Hudson, originally from Santa Barbara moved to Nashville with her parents when they got a recording contract to put out a GOSPEL ALBUM! Katy Hudson put out her first album at 16 in 2001... it was a Christian Pop Album! It didn't go too well and in 2008 she ditched her Christian fan base and moved onto Capital Records changed her name to Katy Perry (she didn't want to be confused with the actress) put up a bunch of pin up photos and her big debut song "I kissed a girl"... she continues her fame and later puts out a new album with "California Gurls" and "Teenage Dream" etc...

Blah Blah Blah... My point is this, Fame and Spotlight can destroy a person. It can make them loose their morals and can turn you against yourself for the sake of vanity. Brothers and sisters, I fear too many of our neighbors are dying to be recognized, long to be on the spotlight... and they are willing to drop all morals and respect to do so (see image below, haha, partial joke, but not really).

This biography is just a friendly reminder, you can grow up Christian, you can even put out a Christian Album, but Satan will offer you anything you want if you are willing to submit to the world.I am in no way judging her, just using her as an example of how the Devil can use those on the right path and flip around their desires. Whether or not she goes to Church every Sunday or whatever, her music and appearance speaks for itself.

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