Monday, December 28, 2009

Quote of the Week

"Because God is the very embodiment of love, his love inspires you to be what you are meant to be: a free person in the highest sense of the word. The more you are led by God's love, the more you become yourself, and it is all done without even losing your freedom."

- Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

"Being Christian is not the result of an ethical choice or a lofty idea, but the encounter with an event, a person, which gives life a new horizon and a decisive direction..." - BXVI ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS!~

Friday, December 18, 2009

Moving Day!

Pregnancy Center East is moving! As of today, we're now at our new location. We're all very excited to finally have our own home. Our new address is 3944 Edwards Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45209. Our phone number is still the same: (513) 321 - 3100.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stocking Stuffers

Looking for something creative and meaningful to give this Christmas? Here are a few ideas for stocking stuffers that I found:

- Chastity rings. Wearing a ring like this is a beautiful way to remind yourself of the person that you are waiting for someday. You can buy them at

Faithfully: This is a CD of songs that Eric and Leslie Ludy, Christian authors, wrote for each other about waiting for your husband or wife.

Pure Love: a Q&A booklet by Jason Evert. Amazing!

Monday, December 14, 2009

“To be pure, to remain pure, can only come at a price, the price of knowing God and loving him enough to do his will. He will always give us the strength we need to keep purity as something as beautiful for him.” - Blessed Mother Teresa

Monday, December 7, 2009

New Book!

This is Jason Evert's latest book! It's called Purity 365: Daily Reflections on True Love. This new book contains daily inspirational quotes to help you lead a clean's a short read, but Jason Evert gets right to the point. It's a great book to help you stay committed to leading a chaste life. I love short books like this - it's really easy just to take a minute of every day to help you stay strong in your commitment.

Quote of the Week

"Purity is not about following a list of rules so that we'll avoid hell. It's about wanting heaven for the women we love."

- Jason Evert

Friday, December 4, 2009

Secondary Virginity

Q: How can I commit to secondary virginity?

A: I really admire those who make the choice to recommit to chastity after taking sex outside of marriage, because it's often just as hard to turn your life around as it is to stay chaste to begin with. Christ didn't condemn the woman who was accused of adultery; instead, he siad "Go and sin no more." Here are some practical tips for recommiting to chastity:

1. Make a list of a things that you've done that you regret doing (whether it was sex, the way that you've treated members of the opposite sex, clothing that you've worn, things that you've said etc). Go to confession!

2. Make a list of the reasons why you're waiting for your future spouse. Keep that list with you, and every time that you're tempted to go out and be in a situation where that temptation might arise, remind yourself of all the reasons why you're waiting.

3. Facing temptation: do something! Go for a run, play sports etc. Keep yourself busy.

4. Surround yourself with people who support your decision to commit to chastity. Good friends are invaluable in leading a clean life - true friends will challenge you to be the best person that you can possibly be.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lies on Love

Our culture today has given us many lies about what love is. People will say that love is about feeling good and getting whatever you want. Today we are told as women that we need to look and act like the women in Play Boy Magazine or in pornographic videos. This is a standard that is impossible for us to meet physically and repulsive for us emotionally. We can not and do not want to do the things that are displayed in pornography.

Pornography is a huge distortion to love and to true beauty. We are created to be beautiful and we are beautiful just the way we are. This beauty is authentic whereas the "beauty" in pornography is fake because the models are airbrushed or altered by the computer. Pornography is particularly dangerous because it is addictive, it can be as addictive as heroine. The other major danger of pornography is that it trains people to look at and treat others as objects to use instead of people to love.

We are created to love and to be loved. We don't need to fulfill some fantasy world or be used as objects as pornography trains people to think. This is actually the opposite of what love really is. Love is a gift of yourself. Love is a sacrifice and wanting the best for another person. Love is thinking outside of yourself and being selfless. When we are selfless, we can see people as they are and become the person we are created to be, in order to love others as we are supposed to love.