Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Opposite of Love

Recently, I heard some one say that the opposite of love is selfishness. That is a complex statement. I'd like to explore it a little.

Yesterday, I wrote that love is sacrificial. That coincides with the statement that the opposite of love is self-centeredness. On further reflectin, it's not that simple, I think. There are many times that love seems selfish.

A selfish or neglectful act does not mean that you don't love some one. I'm thinking, in particular, of my love for Christ. The natural conclusion, if I were to hold the statement "the opposite of love is self-centeredness," would be that I don't love Christ because I don't continually sacrifice for him.

I know that some would say "Christ has come to give mercy." Then, what about my love for my parents? There will be times when my mom or dad will call and I'll see their number on the ID. I won't pick it up. This doesn't mean that I don't love my parents. I love my parents and I love Christ even if I have trouble sacrificing for them.

So, then, what is love? Dante writes in Vita Nuova: "Love and the noble heart are but on in the same." There's something to that.

I'll think about that some more and write more later.

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