Friday, August 1, 2008

Tears from the Soul


One day recently at the Center I heard crying that can best be described as tears from the soul. A routine phone call to check up on a client who had been to the Center turned out to be anything but routine. She wanted to come in right away to talk. As she walked down the hall to the counseling room, tears began to come and weeping followed. From my office I could hear the crying and the anguish coming from this 19 year old woman. While I didn't know right away the reason for the crying, I had a suspicion. My feelings were right, she had aborted her baby and the abortion had occurred just 5 days prior. I have counseled several women and talked to men who have been through abortions, but what I heard on this day was so much different. I usually am dealing with someone who has hidden their pain and masked it for years. This young lady had a fresh wound. Her soul was still bleeding. The staff at the Center could do nothing but pray for her and the client advocate who was with her. A somber attitude filled the Center that afternoon. We knew she was in pain. We could almost feel it ourselves. The crying and weeping would stop and then begin again. For two hours this young lady poured out her heart and anguished over an abortion she did not want. She was forced into the abortion by a relative. She knew what she had done was wrong and now every moment of every day she was in pain. Our call that day to see how she was doing was a divine appointment. This girl needed someone to talk to. She needed to begin the healing process. She still has a long way to go but has taken the first steps. Those tears for the loss of her child were the first steps in this long journey. I can't help but think of all the women and the men who abort their children and the pain they feel. It is one thing to know that this atrocity of abortion goes on every day in America. It touches you in a different way when you hear the tears of sorrow that pour from the soul of a mother who has lost her child through abortion.

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