Thursday, August 7, 2008

Abortion and its Natural Consequences

A study conducted by Dr. Willy Pedersen reveals that women who have had abortions are more prone to clinical depression and anxiety. The study was published in a peer-reviewed journal, which means that it was published by a respected objective, scholarly journal. They have scientifically confirmed what pro-lifers have suspected.

The Norwegian researchers studied 5,768 women between the ages of fifteen and twenty seven. The women were psychologically and physically hurt. Women who have had abortions consistently tested as having signs of depression and anxiety. To add, many reported abusing alcohol and drug use, which is not uncommon among traumatized persons.

One pro-choice argument is that terminating an unexpected pregnancy (abortion) saves the woman the psychological trauma of raising a child. No, says the research. Actually it exposes the mothers to psychological harm.

Relation to Church Teaching

This evidence points toward what the Church has always taught. “The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit,” Paul tells us. If we sin, there are certainly spiritual consequences that can be alleviated in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. There are also natural consequences for sin that may or may not be healed. For example: If a married man commits adultery, which breaks the sixth commandment, the man is in sin and must repent to God. Yet, even after repenting to God, he must reconcile his self with his wife. God will accept his repentance- but his wife might not. So, there are natural, or bodily, consequences of sin. In the case of the post-abortive mother, the natural consequences (to name a few) are depression and anxiety.

Pray for the healing of these women. Also, “hate the sin and not the sinner.” We have to love and support post-abortion mother.

God Bless.

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