Monday, September 22, 2008

TOB Points

Goodness gracious! It’s been a long time, huh?

This past weekend Karen and I were blessed to go see Christopher West speak in Kentucky. Christopher West is to Theology of the Body (TOB) as the apostle Paul was to spreading Christianity. He is an engaging and enlightening speaker and writer.

I’ll write out a couple points that are essential to the TOB:

1. Man (both male and female) is called to communion. That is, man is not created to be alone.

2. Our sexuality, mine male and perhaps yours female, is a sacramental (i.e. physical sign of the eternal mystery).

3. In our sexuality, we learn that not only are we called to communion but also we get a glimpse into the interior life of God, or the Trinity.

4. Sex is sacred because it mirrors the Trinity. The lover gives his self to the beloved and their love creates a third. “The Father almighty… The Lord eternally begotten of the Father… The Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father and the Son.” Sound familiar?

5.Sex is created solely for marriage because marriage mirrors the love of God. Marriage is total love in that it is free, faithful, and fruitful. Here’s some vows that the spouses take (forgive me if they aren’t phrased exactly): Do you come here on your own free will (i.e. free)? Do you take this husband/wife ‘til death do you part (faithful)? Do you accept openness to the gift of children (fruitful)?

This is only part of the profound beauty of the TOB. We’ll see how this relates to the passion of Christ and how priests and singles also participate in divine love, among other topics. I will write more about this later. Perhaps, I’ll expand on some of the above points. We’ll see! You’ll just have to keep visiting us to find out more!

(Actually, seriously, if you want to know more before I write more- look up Christopher West or Theology of the Body on the internet and get some materials on this much needed Church teaching.)

God Bless!

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