Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good Morning America on Teen Pregnancy

On today's show of Good Morning America, Chris Cuomo spoke with a group of teens about Bristol Palin's pregnancy and teen pregnancy in America. Chris first split the group up and interviewed the girls and guys separately and then brought them together and asked some more questions to the whole group. Both groups claimed that Sara Palin's nomination as the Republican Vice President candidate should not be affected by her daughter's pregnancy, saying that "mistakes happen" and that "it has nothing to do with politics, that's their family life".

When just interviewing the girls, Chris asked if they and their friends discussed the possibility of pregnancy. One girl answered that no she and her friends don't really talk about it because it's not something they plan on happening. The girls were also asked who they felt were responsible for "safe sex" to which they all replied that both the girl and the guy are responsible for "safe sex." I agree. Both girls and guys are responsible for sex that is safe. However, there is no such thing as sex that is 100% safe unless it is within marriage between two people who love each other and who have saved themselves sexually for one another. Condoms and birth control have failure rates and do not protect against emotional or spiritual consequences.

The guys were asked if there was a fear of pregnancy connected with having sex. One of the guys answered that yes there was a fear because pregnancy forces teenager into adulthood, causing them to have to worrying about getting diapers for their baby at age 16. I agree. Teenagers should not have to worrying about adulthood. They ought to be free to be teenagers! That is why we think they ought to and are capable of saving sex for later in life when they are older and married. Sex is for mature adults who are married because of what sex expresses and the responsibilities that naturally come with having sex.

One girl claimed that our generation is more sexually mature faster then past generations have been. Is our generation really sexually mature? No. Much of our generation is just the opposite - immature with regards to their sexuality. Our society today has degraded human sexuality to merely a physical act and lost sight of the true meaning and purpose of our human sexuality.

The group was asked why they thought so many teens were having sex when they were so smart and knew about the risks. One girl answered by saying, "I don't think it matters how much you know. I think it's something that teenagers are too young to know how to control," but they are "old enough to know how to do it." One of the boys claimed that "the rewards greatly out-weighed the risks." If taught how and why, I believe and know that teenagers have the power and capability to control their sexual urges and that the benefits of saving sex for marriage greatly out numbers the consequences of having sex before marriage.

The group was allowed to ask each other questions where upon one of the girls asked the guys why they think it is so cool to have sex with so many girls? One boy replied that it had to with the "male dominance complex"- an "extremely old concept" that is "traditional." Another boy said that in society a boy is cooler the more "cool points" he wins - the more girls a guy gets with the cooler he is. This raises the question, "What makes a man a real man?" Is a man a real man and more of a man the more women he "conquers" and has sex with? I dare to say no. Animals can have sex. Does that make them a man? No. All that sexual promiscuity says about a man is that he lacks integrity for himself and for women. Are woman mere objects to be conquered? Generations ago, men used their "male dominance complex" for much more noble causes and were thought to be real men when they fought battles, conquered enemies and protected the rights of their fellow country men and women. Real men honor and fight to protect the rights of women, not rob them of it.

I wonder why the teenagers were not asked about abstinence-until-marriage?

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