Tuesday, September 30, 2008

God's Boundaries

Hey everyone! Thom and I have been busy going out to our first few schools! Everything is going pretty good so far! While in the classroom, Thom and I discuss a wide range of topics regarding the virtue of chastity and the gift of our sexuality with the students. I love our program because it uses a lot of activities, analogies and classroom dialog to teach. One of my favorite analogies that we use is that of a CD player to discuss God's boundaries. We say that just like our CD player came with a set of instructions to tell us how to get the best out of our CD player (like keeping it out of water) God gave us a set of instructions to tell us how to get the best out of our lives. Those instructions are the 10 Commandments. Two of which deal with our sexuality: Thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife and Thou shall not commit adultery. We ask, "Why do you think God placed these boundaries around sex?" He did so because He loves us and wants to protect us from all the harmful consequences of sex outside the Sacrament of Marriage. We talk about how our society today tries to tell us that people should be able to do what they want, that any choice is a good choice and that Christianity is restrictive with it's rules and guidelines. How many us feel like our car manuals are being restrictive when it tells us not to put diesel in our cars? None of us, right? Because that instruction gives us more freedom with our cars. Likewise, God knows what is best for us. He created us with our sexuality and he knows it's real purpose and meaning. He knows what will damage and hurt our sexuality. The boundaries he places around it protect us from harm and thus bring us more freedom and allow us to get the best out of our lives.

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