Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reflections from the March, part 2

Ensuing our time at the Holocaust Museum and some lunch, Kristen and I took the Metro to the Lincoln Memorial. I wasn't expecting to find anything significant there, other than a good picture and a glimpse of a historic monument. As we walked up dozens of wide, white steps to the statue of our 16th president, I was surprised by how large President Lincoln's statue is in real life. Then I noticed words inscribed on the walls (as well as quotes of his in the museum below) reminding me that President Lincoln was instrumental in ending slavery in our country.

That's when the connection hit me: President Lincoln worked to end slavery in his day, and we are working to end the injustice of abortion in our's. Slavery was treating humans like a commodity, like an object to be used not a person to be loved. Abortion is treating the unborn like commodities to be rid of when inconvenient -- again, objects to be used (or not used) and not as people to be loved.

The towering monument remembering the greatness of Abraham Lincoln was a sign of hope. With God's grace, a culture of life can flourish in our country. At one time, people thought ending slavery was impossible. Perhaps we feel the same way about ending abortion. Yet, this monument was a powerful reminder that with God all things are possible.

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