Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heath Ledger... my childhood sweetheart.

So, Tuesday I came out of work... same old same old, excited to be out in the little sunshine left of the day, and jumped in my car for the commute home. Pulling out my cell, I flipped it open to see I had one new message.

"Nicole, my mom just called me with some breaking news... you are the first person I thought of to call..."

It was an old friend from early on in high school who had called. Oh my gosh! What had happened? My thoughts instantly went to the March for Life. What happened there? Were people hurt? What about Emily! I continued to listen...

"They found Heath Ledger dead in his apartment today... I didn't know who else to call. I am going to watch A Knights Tale. Call me..."

Now, a little background may be needed here. As I said, this was a really good friend of mine from high school who shared various Hollywood crushes... um... obsessions that adorned my bedroom walls, including Josh Hartnett, Leonardo DiCaprio, (etc, etc, etc), and of course Heath Ledger. Heath Ledger the Australian heart throb from the movie A Knights Tale with the dancing scene to "Golden Years" that I religiously watched over and over again. The actor who, I knew, that if we only met, would fall madly in love with me and live happily ever after. I mean, he fought for the girl (while wielding a big wooden lance-type-thing, AND riding a horse AND at the same time wearing what looked like hundreds of pounds of armor)... and he won! Can you really blame me?

Maybe it was because I was in about of a panic by the time she reached the point of her call, but once the message was over and my anxiety began to cease, my only thoughts were...

are you for real?

Now, I am not trying to say that his death was anything less than a tragedy. It is very sad to me as was the death of Steve Irwin, also a childhood favorite. But on the day of the March for Life, a day to commemorate all the lives that have been lost to abortion, was there any coverage on the news, radio, or paper for that? If so, I am sure the amount did not quite match up. Mr. Ledger's life should be remembered, but also the lives of the all the children who have been lost to abortion over the past 35 years in this country. I do not mean to trivialize his death, just simply say maybe our country's priorities need some, well re-prioritizing.

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