Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Making good dating choices

Chad Eastham, an abstinence advocate based in Cincinnati, OH, has a blog that I came across last week. I found the question, "How do I know if he is a good guy to date?" quite interesting. The complete answer is definitely worth your time (for girls and guys), but here is a brief segment:

"If you couldn’t date, would he still be your friend?

"This is a great indicator of what a guy wants. If he isn’t willing to be a friend, how in the world can you possibly have a good relationship? I can’t stress this one enough. Friendship is the strongest asset of any good relationship. I’ve always thought it actually means two people just enjoy each other. Now wouldn’t that be a good place to start?

"Dating is a made up word. What is dating? Isn’t dating about being with someone who you actually like and is a good friend?

"Again, this is the chance to evaluate what dating means. If almost all high school relationships don’t end up in marriage, you might want to consider that before you get into all of this. I have always found that the way you enter a relationship is usually the way it ends. If you start with a strong foundation of friendship, it’s more attractive, and usually ends up better as well."

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