Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Abstinence today

Abstinence was recently the subject bright and early on The Today Show. Watch the segment here. It's impressive to see young adults speaking out for their decision to say no to premarital sex and yes to chastity on national television.


Nolan Reynolds said...

Thanks for sharing this video! It is awesome to see abstinence ed getting some national air time. I wish they would've answered the question about "not all kids who have sex before marriage turn out to be bad seeds". It's not that having sex before marriage makes you a bad person, especially given that the religious context needs to be removed in abstinence education, but it's destructive to people. Abstinence doesn't save a person from being "bad," it saves a person from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain and suffering. This is what the Church is always accused of. The Church is not out to condemn, but to help. Abstinence programs need to take this slant to be more effective.

Emily said...

I agree that there were things I wish the speakers would have said that they didn't, but that's the nature of a brief media interview. It was encouraging to see young, attractive, articulate advocates for chastity, instead of the usual stereotype (angry, judgemental and hypocritical). I totally agree, Nolan, that chastity needs to be presented in a positive way in order to be effective.