Thursday, January 13, 2011

Respect Life Week in Yonkers, NY

Awesome news! This is Respect Life Week for the city of Yonkers, NY. It's the fourth year that Mayor Amicone has set aside a week especially dedicated to building the culture of life in a state that desperately needs it. Archbishop Dolan was the keynote speaker for the opening Respect Life event, saying, “This state, and our local communities…unfortunately are less than receptive to our pro-life message...Your presence is downright inspirational."

In 2009, 41% of all viable pregnancies ended in abortion in NYC, 39% in Queens, and 38% in Manhatten. These numbers are almost twice the national average. Queens, NY is home to "Abortion Row," a 1.5 mile stretch in the city that has thirteen abortion clinics.

Please remember to pray for the state of New York this week!

Also, check out the amazing story of Claire Culwell, an abortion survivor. Her mother became pregnant at the age of thirteen, decided to abort, and went to a clinic for the abortion procedure...only to come home and discover a short month later that she had been pregnant with twins and that one of them was still alive. Claire was placed for adoption, and now, years later, tells her story of what a gift life truly is:

“Abortion doesn’t just affect one person. It’s a domino effect. And even though that happened it has turned into something so beautiful. . . Even though life looks like a given, because we all have it, it is a gift."

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