Friday, January 7, 2011

Be a MAN!

I think when i hear the phrase "be a man" I think if something different than what the guys around me hear. When I hear "be a man" a hear "stand up", "be strong", "defend", "protect", "SACRIFICE", I feel called out and called on to be a better brother of Christ. When i walk down the halls of high schools and hear guys at the mall saying "you're the man", it does not mean these things at all. When a guy compliments another guy on his "manli-ness" it means something totally different. Let me translate what i hear them saying because i remember what it meant when guys used to tell me. "you're the man" "you got with that girl? she's hot!", "You totally picked up that girl! nice job" "I wish i could of got that girl, im jealous, you're the man!"

I very seldom hear "you're the man" in good context, and it usually has to do with picking up a girl or "getting some" from a girl (a.k.a robbing your sister in Christ of her innocence) and not actually caring about them. Very rarely do you hear "you're the man" after dating the same girl for a year in a chaste relationship, or being married for 50 years, or telling guys to stop talking smack about that girl that has no dignity left. You just don't hear that phrase in the right context, almost EVER!

Why am i sharing this, you ask? Because i want to rebel, I am starting now, we are going to change that phrase. It is time for real men to be called out and called on again. I want to start pointing out guys that are being men and tell them "you're the man" when they are being chivalrous, when they are calling their brothers on to holiness. There are too many men out there that don't get the compliment they deserve because the phrase has become "watered down" and "used up" on the opposite.

If you want to join me, all you have to do is MAN UP, "BE A MAN" and tell the guys you admire and see being real men "DUDE, YOU'RE THE MAN". Tell your friend that tells you not to swear or use girls or go to the party or do drugs, tell your married 50 years and going strong grandpa, tell your dad that works and sacrifices day in and day out without complaint for his family, tell your teacher, youth minister, coach that you admire for their strength and sacrifice that "you're the MAN!" Make it the ultimate compliment that it is supposed to be!

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Kaylan said...

This is really beautiful to hear especially since I feel a great many men are not living up to their responsibilities in life. I am back in college despite my age due to necessity and most of the other students I have met are women (moms) who have to do everything. They work, they do all the housework and childcare AND go to school (because the job market is so bad). Where are the men? So many people write hateful things against single moms that might be on welfare but they don't question where are the men? There are men who abandoned the women, used them or didn't care about their own offspring! Society today doesn't seem to cherish respect for the mother or child anymore. Abortion is probably part of that factor. From studies they indicate that most women would keep a baby (not abort) but it is the boyfriend or husband or other relatives who pressure them into the abortion. That is sad. Family is not supportive and the men are not supportive. Hopefully faithful Christian moms will raise good sons now. We need moral boys out there to raise a new generation.