Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Physical Urges

As humans, we have a lot of "urges", especially physically. We deny physical urges all the time, when we see that "Big Mac" poster and say "no!" or the skyline 3-way stacked with cheese so high and say "not today!", when you are taking a test and know the smart kid next to you has the answer and as much as you want to peek over, you don't. These little things you do every day are actually practicing the awesome virtue of SELF MASTERY! When someone says something to you or does something to you that makes you want to rip their head off, but you just smile and walk away... self mastery... when your parent asks you to set the dinner table when you are on an important phone call or about to beat "black-ops" and instead of yelling at your parent, you say "yes mom"... self mastery...

Self mastery is amazing, it not only makes you feel very proud of yourself afterwords, but it almost seems to defy physical nature itself. Let me explain, in the animal kingdom there is a chain of animals, and if a wolf walks in to a lion den, the wolf won't come out, or if a tuna swims through shark territory, it will become a sandwich (sorry to be so graphic!)

My point is that when we practice the virtue of self mastery we are amazed at ourselves because we are doing something that no other creature in the world can do, we are pushing aside our personal urges, our physical urges, for the greater glory of GOD! Brothers and sisters, we are using our God given ability to REASON! using our reason to better our friends, family and our self is part of the whole point of why God gave this gift to us!

So why am i bringing this up on a chastity blog instead of some philosophical "Socrates anonymous" site? because our body has physical and sexual desires and very often we argue in our brains that "i just cant control my urges", "well, if my body wants to do it, it can't be wrong" "It just seems like the right thing to do"... You know what, honking at the slow poke in front of me while i drive seems like the right thing to do (but practicing patience and self control is better)... Telling my baby to change her own diaper sounds good (but it teaches me to be loving, self sacrificing and to be a loving father)... When I am taking a math test and my brain feels like its turning to mush and i want to go take a jog around the classroom to refresh my mind, I don't do it! (...mostly cause i don't want to be made fun of and get sent to the principals office for... whatever it is!) <--- Joke, haha, laugh!
The point i want to make is simply this, that even though our body has urges that sometimes we question if we can even control, I want you to remember that God has given us the amazing ability to reason and practice self mastery and in practicing these great virtues daily and recognizing that you are doing it, will make you a stronger man/woman of God and be able to say "no" to the bigger urges, the anger explosions and more relevantly in the sexual situations.

God Bless you all and stay strong and remember that the difference between a Saint and a sinner is that the Saint got up one more time!

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