Friday, September 18, 2009


Respect sometimes seems to be a lost art in our culture. This week rapper Kanye West recieved a lot of heat for rudely interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV awards, causing a lot of heads to turn and take note of his behavior.

This scenario really caused me to think about respect in our culture today, and specifically respect within relationships. What's happened to respect in our culture? Musicians, pop stars, actors etc. receive so much attention from the media, which means that that these are the ones who are influencing our culture. Ask yourself: what does this tell you about our culture when this kind of behavior is displayed by such "role models" on such a large venue (MTV)? This is what our culture is influenced by. This is the kind of behavior that we're surrounding ourselves with, and relationships have suffered because of this lack of respectful behavior. What we see affects our thoughts, which then reflects itself in our speech, which in turn reflects itself in the way we act and behave.

Respect for others must always be at the core of our relationships with others, whether it's a relationship between a boyfriend/girlfriend, a husband/wife or just between friends. Simply showing common courtesy is so important in these relationships, because it shows that you respect the other's dignity as a man or a woman. Men: think about the dignity that women inherently have simply because they are women and that they have the ability to give life. They have a special mystery and beauty, and that mystery should be treated with respect; be a gentleman to all women, not just the girl you're interested in. Help protect a woman's dignity and keep it from being exploited. Women: think about a man's calling and mission in the world as a initiator. Respect his ability/call to lead. Help build each other up.

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