Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Balancing Relationships

Relationship pyramid

Can you imagine building the Egyptian pyramids from the top down? Of course not, a pyramid only works when you build it from the bottom up to the top. It is the same way with relationships and marriage. I love this pyramid because it describes the steps that lead up to the intimacy of sex within a marriage.
Relationships start with the most basic element, friendship. Imagine building a pyramid upside down. The pyramid would not be able to balance on the point. It would collapse from all the weight at the top.
This happens when we begin a relationship with sexual activity. We may be hoping that the sexual activity will lead to friendship and love. However, this doesn't work and it's contrary to God's plan for life and love. In most cases the relationship ends up collapsing and hurting the people involved.

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Robert Colquhoun said...

I love the blog. I am planning to work as a chastity educator in the united kingdom. Best of luck with all your great work.
Robert Colquhoun