Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Church and Natural Family Planning (NFP)

I read an article in Family Foundation about steps that are being made to help encourage and empower priests to talk about and promote NFP and preach against contraception with confidence. With many within the laity using some form of contraception, this is a hard topic for many priest to talk about because of the fear of the rejection they are bound to receive. Steps have been made to teach priests about NFP while they are in seminary. Many priest are incorporating NFP education into their marriage prep program. The article mentioned seven videos written by the Diocese of Saginaw, Michigan seminarian that can be found on YouTube entitled "NFP vs. Contraception." I went and checked them and encourage you to do the same! Members of the Church need to hear and learn about the good news of practicing NFP and about the misunderstandings of our contraceptive world.

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