Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Prayer Request

Someone at church handed me a paper that said the following,

"In 1571 Pope Pius V called Catholics to pray the rosary for the outnumbered Christian fleet against the Muslims in the Battle of Lepanto. Mary, Help of Christians won the battle for them through the recitation of the rosary.

"You are encouraged to pray the rosary on the 4th of every month from Nov. 4, 2007-Nov. 4, 2008. This is for the 2008 elections (Presidential and Congressional), for the conversion of America, and for a change of heart for the terrorists. We are in a battle for truth, family values, attacks on Christianity, pro-life, modesty, peace, etc. Prayer is our 'weapon' in these battles. Please mark your calendars and join in praying on the 4th for the next 12 months."

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