Monday, November 19, 2007

The Philosophy of the Body

Dr. Peter Colosi, a professor at Franciscan University (my alma mater!), recently gave a presentation about Pope John Paul II's theology of the body to a Theology on Tap event in Buffalo, NY. If you're not familiar, Theology on Tap consists of Catholic talks given to young adults in bars.

Dr. Colosi focuses on the philosophy behind JPII's theology of the body. He uses lots of practical examples, which make it easy to understand, even for non-philosophical people like me. You can download the lecture for free from iTunes. After you click on the iTunes link, choose the talk: "Top Shelf: Theology of the Body Unwrapped."

This was one of my favorite points: Dr. Colosi quotes a woman who said, "God does not care what we do with our bodies; He only wants us to respect each other as persons."

He answers with, "How odd is the view of so many people today who will be hurt by a sneer or a slap, or consoled by a hug, and in the next breath, think or say that sex, which is a much deeper physical expression, is incapable of touching their very person."

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