Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stories of silence

Read accounts from across the country about the fruitfulness of the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. Here's one example:

"Well, I'm older than most of the people who took part in this event. I will be 25 on Sunday and I really wish this would have been going on when I was in school. I run an online group for pro-life and I'm highly educated in all aspects of abortion. I went to Walmart today with my husband and our 7 month old daughter, and let me tell you, I got some looks. However, there was a young girl who seriously wanted to talk to me because she had found out she was pregnant very recently. Her parents were outraged and wanted her to have an abortion. Her boyfriend had left her and accused her of cheating on him and she saw a shirt that I wearing about being pro-life and was asking about the duct tape. I had to talk to her in hopes of talking her out of having an abortion. She was very naive about the whole process, which I have come to find out, that most women are. I told her about some websites where she could research abortion and I explained it to her myself. I also gave her my phone number, and she just called me!! She was crying and told me there was no way she could ever do that to her baby and she was going to keep it! I couldn't believe it. Never in my life has anything like that happened."
-- Natasha Martin

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