Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How long is it worth the wait?

I was reading an article from the Paly Voice about Palo Alto High School students who have become infected with sexually transmitted diseases (http://voice.paly.net/view_story.php?id=5720), and was rather taken aback that condom promotion seemed to be the goal. Here we have several teenagers agonizing over their STDs, being told that a condom could have solved their problem.

According to the Medical Institute for Sexual Health (www.medinstitute.org), condoms provide roughly a 50% decreased risk for the majority of STDs. However, when it comes to HPV, there has been no proven decreased risk.

What struck me the most in the article was this comment from a high school student: "It's hard to say that you have to use a condom every time, especially when you are in a committed relationship," Alex said. "But I am not willing to risk her or my safety, so it's really worth waiting that extra ten seconds to get a condom."

Worth ten seconds? Isn't it worth so much more than that, Alex? If you really value your girlfriend and don't want to risk her physical, emotional or spiritual health then why not wait until you have pledged that love to one another in marriage? Waiting ten seconds doesn't say much; waiting until marriage bespeaks a profound love and true commitment.

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