Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lady Gaga: A Struggle?

I'm curiously and oddly fascinated by Lady Gaga. After all, she's catchy . . she turns heads . . . she's crazily successful in the music world . . . and she's a talented vocalist. And yet, that odd fascination is just that: odd. I can't think of a more odd persona than Lady Gaga in the music industry at the moment. Her music has always made me wonder, "What the heck . . . really . . . is up with her music?"

She's an interesting woman to take a look at.

I was glancing through this today, and this caught my eye:

"What we see in Ste­fani, or Lady Gaga as she is called, is a strug­gle. A con­stant inner con­flict, between express­ing and explor­ing her dark­est and most ter­ri­fy­ing thoughts and feel­ings, and doing what she knows is right and what will make her the hap­pi­est on the deep­est level, the level of truths that don’t change. It’s a strug­gle between find­ing a way to be unique while still try­ing to be pop­u­lar. It’s about fight­ing to expose the things we think are great about our­selves, while hav­ing a war with those things that hurt our con­fi­dence and self-​​image. . . We all do our best to present an image that will impress oth­ers, but when life presents ques­tions we can’t fig­ure out, where will we go for answers?"

A struggle. Lady Gaga's music, music videos, and the image she's created have always seemed to me to be one of a struggle - a breaking away from what is traditional in an attempt to create something, to rebel against something, a shock, to be a "goddess" in some sense, all in an attempt to get something she can't find. It's not something that is spelled out, but the struggle seems to be present. We all struggle. And then the question comes: where do you go for answers?

Read the whole article here.

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