Friday, October 30, 2009

Question Box: Modesty

Why should I have to dress modestly, the guys should just be able to control themselves?

This is actually a question that I struggled with in high school. We each have the ability to control our own minds and our own thoughts. But, we are a community and in that sense as a society we should try to built each other up and not bring each other down.

Dressing modestly is a way that we as women can help men become better men. When we wear revealing clothing we are disrespecting ourselves and tempting others to look at us as objects instead of as human beings. As humans we have an inherent dignity and beauty.

When we look at others as objects it trains us to think about what we want and what we can get which is a very selfish approach. True love looks at what is best for the other person. Therefore, if you know that something you are wearing is causing other people to sin, you should refrain from wearing that out of love and respect for others.

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