Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine's Day question

Here's an appropriate question on February 14: What is love? Of course, books, poems and songs have been filled with people's ideas as to the answer, but it can be said quite simply. Love is to want what is best for the other person. In the words of my college Christian Marriage professor, love is to "will the good of the beloved." Love is also a communion between two people (common interest or common good of some sort is necessary), and it is a self-gift of one person to another.

So as you ponder the meaning of love, remember that it is not a feeling. Love is a choice to put another person first and to seek their good.

Many people argue that it's okay to have sex with someone as long as you "love them." Unless the couple is married, however, it would not be truly loving to become sexually active with someone other than your spouse because you are putting them at risk for a variety of consequences -- physical, spiritual, emotional, social, financial. True love involves sacrifice, but the sacrifice is worth it.

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