Friday, September 7, 2007

Theology ... Body ... What?!

Perhaps you have heard the phrase, "Theology of the Body" and wondered what in the world these two terms could possibly have in common. Pope John Paul II spent his first five years as pope explaining this phrase during his weekly Wednesday audiences in Rome. In all, he spent 129 Wednesdays developing this unique look at the human person.

So what does, "Theology of the Body" really mean? Well, theology is the study of God, so this phrase means the study of God, revealed through our bodies. The way God created us, particularly how He created us male and female, actually tells us a lot about God. It also tells us a lot about ourselves, and why God created sex. More will be posted here to explain JPII's awesome work and what it means for teens.

For now, check out these awesome books: Theology of the Body for Teens ( and God's Plan for You: Life, Love, Marriage and Sex (

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