Monday, September 10, 2007

Modesty is always the best policy

I learned about this story from Dawn Eden ( Apparently, a 23 year old woman, Kyla Ebbert, was asked to wear more modest clothing on her flight with Southwestern Airlines ( The flight attendant pulled the woman aside and informed her that her clothing was inappropriate for the airline's family values. Ebbert didn't have a change of clothing with her and didn't want to buy something for the trip, so she promised to adjust her sweater and skirt to cover a tad more skin. Finally, the flight attendant agreed to her compromise. Ebbert said she was so embarrassed that she requested a blanket during the flight to cover herself.

I think it's quite admirable that a male flight attendant would have the courage to ask this young lady to dress more appropriately. Instead of using this as a crusade for revealing clothing, as Ebbert is doing, I wish she would look at this situation as an opportunity to lead her to better respect herself. Too often, young ladies today don't realize their incredible value, and they dress to draw more attention to their bodies, thinking this is the only value they have. On the contrary, by dressing in a manner that respects oneself, others are allowed to more clearly see the person's value in more ways than just physically. Ultimately, don't we want people to be attracted to us because of our talents, sense of humor, intelligence and other aspects, in addition to how we look?

Maybe Ms. Ebbert will one day realize that perhaps the Southwest Airlines flight attendant was not only enforcing a policy, but also helping her to realize that her body should be treated as something precious, not a cheap commodity.

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