Thursday, August 18, 2011

So, what is it?

1. I am a girl. Which means that I am partial to chick flicks, enjoy chocolate quite frequently, and just so happen to love the color pink, and really like flowers. [Not that you have to be into chick flicks, chocolate and the color pink to be a girl, but it hasn't hurt me yet.]
2. I am a chastity educator. Which means that I spend large quantities of my time and energy talking about, thinking about, blogging about, and reading about the subject of LOVE. [Because chastity has everything to do with authentic love. It does. Think about it. For a very long time.]
2. I love love. Real love - not just the chick flicks that are saturated with it [all you have to do is read the synopsis of Crazy, Stupid, Love - which speaks for itself. But I won't even go there...] or the Valentine's Day roses, or even the chocolate. We are literally surrounded with the idea that love is a feeling . . . that it's the fireworks, the infatuation, the chick flicks, Katy Perry's songs etc. Not that loving sappy chick flicks or flowers is bad . . .

But. True love? Real love?

Check this out. I have read this at least three or four times today (remember, I am a chastity educator) but it is absolutely beautiful. Beautiful. Deep down, I think we all realize that we're called to more than what we're surrounded by. Especially when it comes to love. Because this is what we were MADE for.

Just to give you an idea . . .

One day two disciples were walking down a dusty road with their Teacher, and the conversation turned toward marriage, and how the only enduring foundation for marriage is true love.
“Teacher,” one of them asked, “please tell us, What is true love?”
And the Teacher said to them,
“If a man and a woman find joy in one another’s presence,
if they can scarcely keep themselves apart,
if to her,
He is like the sun rising in its strength and beauty,
if she loves to hear his voice, to look at Him and to feel his arms around her,
and if to him,
She is like the moon and ten thousand stars shining on a summer’s night,
or like the fragrance of roses at dawn….
if her touch is like magic and her kisses sweeter than wine,
if they love to laugh together, sing together, dance together, cry together—
this is a gift from God, it is good.
But, I tell you solemnly, this is not true love . . . "
So what is it? Find out.


Paul said...

This is really cool and I like how you put the Called to be More in bold print

Alicia Baehr said...

it's a powerful thought :)