Friday, March 11, 2011

The short biography of Ke$ha

Kesha Rose Sebert was Born in 1987 and is currently a pop singer and pop icon recognized as Ke$ha. She was not always the seductive, foul lyriced girl she is today, here is a short biography.

Kesha lived with her older brother and mother in Los Angeles, CA and her mom was a struggling songwriter that was rather unsuccessful. The family lived off welfare and food stamps, on her website she says "One of my first memories is my mom telling me, 'If you want something, just take it.'" When Kesha was 4, she moved to Nashville with her family, where her mother landed a songwriting contract.

Kesha went to music school and spent a lot of time with her mother in recording studios singing and making demos being very inspired by country music (wouldn't of guessed that one, huh!?) Kesha dropped out of high school at 17 to pursue her music career and moved back to Los Angeles and changed her name to "Ke$ha". She started out by being back up vocalist for Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton (both wonderful influences for a 17 yr old drop out... NOT!)

How did she make it BIG, then? She dropped an unpaid cameo in Flo Rida's hit song "Right Round" (Possibly the gnarliest and dirtiest song of that year) She then got a record contract with RCA and began pumping out her first album "Animal".

Ke$ha's lyrics are very dirty and trashy and there is nothing more sad than walking into a 6th grade class and asking the kids who they listen to and all of the girls yell out "Ke$ha!" has a documented conversation about her fans and her suggested lyrics. "I'm not a babysitter," the singer says. "It's their parents' responsibility to take care of them." For Ke$ha, her life provides much of the inspiration for her songs. "I'll go out with my friends and get rowdy . . . I'm not sorry, and I will write about it."
The album, "Animal" reached the top of the billboard charts after its release in 2010. In addition to "Tik Tok," Ke$ha has even more big hit singles "Blah Blah Blah" and "Your Love Is My Drug."

Rocky, why are you writing about Ke$ha? Look, the reason i am putting putting out biographies on pop icons is because we all need to realize that first off, these people are normal human beings, they get sad, money does not make them happy, they are not God, they should not be your idol and they all are fake for the cameras and to be "famous/infamous".

When you live on welfare and move around with your mom growing up in recording studios, it is hard to not want to be a famous singer to make your parent proud. As a high school drop out looking for a way to survive, when you come along and start hanging with super rich Britney and Paris, you are going to be influenced. Have we not had most of our bad influences come from older "friends"?! You want to fit in, be cool, be like them. Way to go Ke$ha, you are just like them and now thousands of middle school girls want to be just like you, seductive, trashy, drunk and no respect for your sexuality or your beautiful soul.

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