Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Watch what airport you go to

I went on christianitytoday.com and found an article that shocked me. Unless you work at the airport you probably don't know what those security people that make you take your shoes off are looking at. Would you believe me if i told you that it is pretty intense.

"The Times (UK) reports that full-body scans give security staff detailed images of passengers’ nude bodies, which human rights groups decry as a “virtual strip search.” According to the Associated Press, the images are viewed in a private room and conceal passengers’ faces to protect identity."

This is disgusting and offensive. To go onto an airplane, you have to not only embarass yourself by having people smelling your socks, take everything out of your pockets and expose everything in your bag, but now they can look at you naked! I think this is a HUGE violation of privacy and of our human dignity.

Pope Benedict met with the airline staff February 20th and said "All these assurances may not be enough to protect passengers’ dignity"“It is essential never to lose sight of respect for the primacy of the person,” he said. While he acknowledged that given “the economic crisis, which is bringing about problematic effects in the civil aviation sector, and the threat of international terrorism, which is targeting airports and aircraft,” the Pope urged that “the primary asset to be safeguarded and treasured is the person, in his or her integrity.”

To bad our country seems to not have Catholic or Christian morals anymore. This is disgusting. I think we should begin praying for all the airport security staff and their families soon because they have no idea that their job may soon be getting paid to view pornography. That is a shame and I pray that these security scanners dont make it out of the Boston Airport (BLIA)!

Here is the full article below:

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