Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Catholic Actor Refuses Racy Sex Scenes

I'm always inspired by people who stick to their principles and radically live out their faith. I read this story this week about Neal McDonough, an actor who was recently kicked off T.V. show "Scoundrels" by ABC for refusing to do explicit sex scenes with actress Virginia Madsen.

McDonough is a Catholic married man with three kids, and because the role was paying McDonough around $1 million dollars, it really causes us to ask - is it worth it? Some people argue that it's not a big deal because it's not like he's "actually" having sex with her or cheating on his wife because he's an actor - this is what he does. So is it a big deal?

I think it is. For one thing, no matter if it's just acting or not, when you're doing a sex scene with someone you're physically close to them in a way that reveals your whole person. Any kind of sexual activity is a gift for your spouse. Our sexuality is who we are; it's our person. When you have sex with someone you're giving yourself away - no matter if it's acting or not. I admire this guy because he obviously loves his wife deeply enough to respect her as the one and only person who receives the gift of himself.
Bella actor Eduardo Verastegui has faced the same issue. And I think he has an awesome response:

"When you kill somebody in the movies, you’re not killing anyone. But when you kiss someone, it’s really a kiss,” Eduardo stressed. “In sex scenes, you’re really half naked. So I would recommend that people be careful, because you are working with fire and you’re gonna get burned. Don’t risk yourself for some role. I know because I did it. And I’m telling you, 12 years of that was nothing but emptiness, pain and suffering.” Eduardo described sex scenes as what they are: “legal adultery.”

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