Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lies on Love

Our culture today has given us many lies about what love is. People will say that love is about feeling good and getting whatever you want. Today we are told as women that we need to look and act like the women in Play Boy Magazine or in pornographic videos. This is a standard that is impossible for us to meet physically and repulsive for us emotionally. We can not and do not want to do the things that are displayed in pornography.

Pornography is a huge distortion to love and to true beauty. We are created to be beautiful and we are beautiful just the way we are. This beauty is authentic whereas the "beauty" in pornography is fake because the models are airbrushed or altered by the computer. Pornography is particularly dangerous because it is addictive, it can be as addictive as heroine. The other major danger of pornography is that it trains people to look at and treat others as objects to use instead of people to love.

We are created to love and to be loved. We don't need to fulfill some fantasy world or be used as objects as pornography trains people to think. This is actually the opposite of what love really is. Love is a gift of yourself. Love is a sacrifice and wanting the best for another person. Love is thinking outside of yourself and being selfless. When we are selfless, we can see people as they are and become the person we are created to be, in order to love others as we are supposed to love.

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