Thursday, December 4, 2008

God Given Potiental

I am sadden to hear about the lastest news related to abortions. Certificates for abortions can now be purchased and given out as Christmas gifts. This is a mockery of the true meaning of Christmas which is about the birth of Jesus; about life. This Advent, I pray for the softening of all hearts to the beauty and miracle of life and that each woman who finds herself in a unwanted or unplanned pregnancy would find the strength, courage and faith to say "Yes" to the will of God as Mary did on that day so many years ago. What if Mary had refused God's plan and said "No"? We would all be missing out on the greatest gift ever, our salvation. Men and women participate in the creation of new life, but no life is created without God's participation as well. With the help of men and women, God creates each life for a reason and with a unique purpose. Let us start saying "Yes" to these babies' God given potiental.

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