Monday, March 17, 2008

Lets start a Love Revolution...

In contrast to the last post where we discussed the media's perception that, "Those who practice chastity are a little odd, out of touch with reality and simply not popular..." lets look at Lenny Kravitz, one of the cool kids himself, and see what he has to say in his interview with Spin...

Jonathan: I read a transcript of your interview with Charlie Rose in 2004, and you said you were celibate. Are you still?
Lenny: Yeah, three years.
Jonathan: [Incredulous] Really?
Lenny: Really.
Jonathan: Are you doing some kind of meditation to help you with this?
Lenny: No, just a promise I made until I get married.
Jonathan: But it must be hard. From what I saw last night, women make themselves available to you --
Lenny: Where I'm at in life, the women have got to come with something else, not just the body, but mind and spirit.
Jonathan: Have you come close with someone?
Lenny: Yeah, but it's difficult the way I move around. You can't blame your life, but all the work I do, it's difficult.
Jonathan: When you date women and you tell them you're celibate, does that makes them even more ardent?
Lenny: Usually trips them out, but that's the way it's going to be; I'm looking at the big picture.

But if Hollywood miraculously brings forth a good influence from now and then, they seem to just as soon bring them back down. At the end of the interview, instead of being left with a new understanding of the beauty of a chaste lifestyle, appreciation for the sanctity of sex, or at least mere respect for those who do, the left saying...

"Walking through SoHo, I think about how he has been keeping it in his pants and putting it all into his music. The love revolution hasn't yet found its way into his own bedroom, but I imagine that someday, he will let down his guard and the world will be restored to balance. I mean, if Lenny Kravitz isn't getting laid, even if it's his own choice, then something is terribly wrong."

What love revolution are we talking about here... isn't the beauty of today's new-fangled view of sex the ability to (supposedly) separate sex from love? Wouldn't the love revolution instead be exactly what Lenny is striving to live out; a self-sacrificial love, willing to lay one's own self and desires down for the good of the beloved?

I think Lenny is on the right track, going against the grain of society and striving to overcome the sexual revolution of the past with a true love revolution for the future.

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